Obama & The Gorsuch Imperative

How To Rule The Court

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Obama & The Gorsuch Imperative

Barack Obama ran his communistically long fingers across his golden copy of Rules for Radicals.

Michelle Obama walked in, sipping a cocktail of White Men's Tears.

"The life model decoy of Gorsuch worked well"

"Indeed my dear"

"And Antifa troops in Seattle?"

"Full communism."

"You'll never get away with this!"

The real Gorsuch said from inside his human-sized hamster cage, a neverending reel of gay marriages force fed into his pried-open eyes.

Michelle roared with laughter.

"We already have, you white devil. We. Already. Have."

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put down her copy of Mao's little red book and pulled off her leather glove of socialism one finger at a time. The bargain with Obama was paying dividends already. First, the fixed election, and soon, via Biden... everything. Everything.

The Antifa commander tugged at his waist and pulled off another soy bomb. He hurled it in the air, his weakened vegetarian arms doing their best. The bomb landed at the feet of several capitalists who scurried. Seattle first, Wyoming next.

"Barack, I don’t know man, I'm having second thoughts"

Obama rolled his eyes at Biden. He was sick of the cold feet.

"Joe. We had an agreement. You get the presidency via the Deep State, and in exchange we get full communism"

"What abou half, boss?"

"FULL," Michelle bellowed.


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