Why you have to pay attention to idiots

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Sorry, you have to pay attention to idiots

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Why We Can’t “Just Ignore” The Worst Of The Right
Just ignore them. Don’t give them any oxygen, any attention. Just ignore them. Don’t cover them, don’t give them the spotlight they so obviously crave. Without the spotlight, they’ll just wither away and become ineffective.

“Just ignore them.”

“Critical Race Theory” Hysteria Is A “Satanic Panic”-Style Hoax From Fox News
In the 1980s, America thought Satanists were everywhere. They thought there were hidden lyrics in rock songs telling teenagers to kill themselves. They believed with all their hearts that there were rings of Satanists molesting children, and they even put innocent people on trial for these completely imagined crimes.

It was called “satanic panic” and there was no reality to it.

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