Enter The Liberal Utopia

It's a better world, I promise

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Enter The Liberal Utopia

Andi sat in the organic farmer's market co-op and thought to herself about how, just 10 years ago, life had been so different, before the Liberal Takeover and the Conservative Removal.

Back then it had seemed like a pipe dream, to install left-wing Democrats at all levels of government and power. But now, here, in the Left-Wing Future. Their dreams had come true.

The borders had been swung wide open and Full Communism had quickly followed.

Andi read an email from her wife, Leeanna. Things were going well at the Barack Obama Full Shariah Food Bank, where rich whites were being forced to grow food and vegetables for poor blacks and latinos. "Remember when meat was legal?" she wrote.

Now, the mostly transgender military used all the weapons of war to wipe out the remnants of the Beef Resistance, who were now down to a few stragglers hiding in the caves of Montana. In months they would be captured and forced to gay marriage for the good of the state.

A taco truck rolled by. It was shining and glimmering, paid for with tax dollars of course. Many had assumed the logistics of Commandante Hillary's plan to install mandatory trucks on every corner would make it infeasible. But she had cooked the books and gotten it done.

Andi's cell phone chirped and a mandatory state message began to play. Around her, all the good citizens were transfixed to their displays -- to do otherwise was punishable by death. Rachel Maddow, the official broadcaster nodded as she began to read from her government script.

"Good afternoon Glorious Comrades of the United Socialist States of America. I bring you greetings from President for Life Ocasio-Cortez. Today in her latest executive order, El Presidente fully outlawed Christmas. Soon, the only December holiday will be the Godless Solstice."

Andi nodded and clapped, as did the others around her. To fail to react to a presidential decree was to risk internment in the reeducation camps. In the distance, a man with a Gadsen flag shirt was accosted by two Black Panther Cops and hauled off. Nobody even dared to look.

A smelly man walked by carrying a box with his wares. "Government porn? Weed? Government porn?" It didn't matter if anybody bought it. His income was fully subsidized after the banks had been nationalized.

Andi's phone chirped. It was a reminder of her compulsory visit to the Government Doctor, where she would be screened for her mandatory abortion. The state had its quotas to meet and Andi was behind for the year. Imagine, someone wanted to make these illegal once, she chuckled.

"I'd just-- I'd just like to have a gun to defend myself," a man said a few tables away from her.

Immediately he regretted the statement.

Large multicultural women instantly appeared at the market entrance. He got up to run away, but his path was blocked.


Andi simply chuckled. Silly. Didn't he know that all guns were now gone after the Metal Purge? What was left of them had been painstakingly hammered into statues of the female genitalia and various feminist heroines. A Gloria Steinem, composed completely of AR-15s even.

Not everything was perfect. You still had dissident broadcasts that would pop up, promoting nonsense about the free markets and capitalism. But the Baracktroopers generally squashed such hate speech in hours. This was a good world. The best world.

— 30 —